Selena Diaz

About Selena

I’m an international social model who takes pride in enhancing experiences. By nature, I’m very optimistic. I have a soothing and easygoing aura that both stimulates and soothes. It’s a natural part of my disposition, and I try to maintain it through meditation and an intrinsically hopeful outlook. I’m also very in tune with my desires and the desires of others, and posses a gift for meshing the two in a way that can be — explosive. I believe you’ll find me to be quite a treat to interact with.

I’m fortunate enough to have desirable features in a fleshly sense as well; a glowing, tanned complexion and a dark, curly head of hair that complements it perfectly. This can be attributed to my South American roots. There’s also large, piercing brown eyes and a radiant smile (which you’ll have to witness in person, as I have to be discreet in my photos).

Regular exercise gives my body a firm muscular tone while retaining perfect feminine softness. I’ll give you fair warning: the feeling of me in your arms is an addictive one. I can be very hard to shake!

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